Texting and Driving

We’ve all done it. You’re driving down the highway and the text message ringtone sounds. What do you do? Do you grab your phone and read the text? Unfortunately, those glances at your cell phone can ultimately result in a fatality. Nationwide there are countless auto accidents each year tha... view entire article

Jefferson County Motor Vehicle Collision Stats

Did you know that there are sections of Interstate 65 in Jefferson County, Kentucky that have a daily traffic amount of well over 150,000 vehicles? That's a lot of vehicles! In 2016, there were 33,914 motor vehicle collisions that occurred within the Jefferson County boundaries. ... view entire article

Speak with a Skilled Truck Accident Lawyer

If you or someone you love has been seriously injured in a motor vehicle accident, we encourage you to speak with skilled Louisville, Kentucky truck accident lawyer and attorney at law Wes Faulkner. He is dedicated to the victims of serious injuries and will fight diligently to ensure they get just ... view entire article
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